Dead Target Mod Menu Apk v4.125.0 Unlimited Money, Infnite Ammo, infinite Grenades + More!)



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DEAD TARGET puts you against monsters originating from the MZ organisation that break the deal. The head of the Ministry of Defence envisioned the construction of a modern force during the Third War. The MZ firm, on the other hand, has threatened the President and caused an outbreak. Realistic monsters are the corpses they have created; you are fortunate to have survived. In the game DEAD TARGET, your job is to exterminate all undead. Protect yourself and advance; players will begin in the position of private. You complete your mission while alive and attempting to achieve a high rank. If You Love Playing Dead Target You Might Also Like Chicken Gun MOD By FMA Mods.

The never-ending bombardment of DEAD TARGET: Zombie Games 3D catches players off guard one after the other. The zombie population is continuously growing, and they never leave the lush plains. Stop their plan before you lose control of your land. Survival situations are by definition unpleasant because players must engage in fighting on their own. The player manoeuvres and hides behind the wall before firing an accurate shot at his target and maintaining a continuous rate of bullet reloading while inflicting powerful punches to exterminate all adversaries. To avoid taking needless damage, take down your adversaries from a safe distance, but beware of snipers!

To save as much ammunition as possible, players must be cautious with each shot. Every DEAD TARGET game provides several opportunities to obtain unique sledge guns. These rifles thrive in scenarios that necessitate persistent engagement over a broad shooting range. If the player kills all zombies with a single shot, they will have a far better chance of earning the award. Customising weapons and skins, which you can exchange with other players in our game, can help your team's morale. You can only trade in firearms, so keep note of how much ammunition you have on hand. 

As a battle mode with hard solo tasks is implemented, Marksmen will confront new trials. If you accomplish the final challenge, you will be able to purchase a one-of-a-kind pistol. It's important to remember that this is a one-time offer offered exclusively to the winners; these firearms will not be available for purchase in stores. They will only be available to the remaining survivors, so make sure your tank and booster are fully charged before trying the challenging Battle Pass. DEAD TARGET's content is continually being expanded by releasing new skins for guns with extraordinary abilities.

At DEAD TARGET, you can become a legendary sniper and receive a variety of enticing gifts. Furthermore, the automatic shooting technique can concentrate a large number of zombies in a single location, making elimination considerably easier. You will have a numerical and positional advantage over your opponents across the board. Maintain your defensive strength and seek to upgrade the castle's defences to attract more support. You may come across areas where you can heal your wounds, obtain power-ups, or resurrect yourself on your way to the combat. Your objective is to eliminate everyone by moving around and shooting at them. However, before engaging in real-world military operations, you must carefully select your weapon. 

Features of Dead Target Mod Menu Apk

  • Unlimited Red Diamonds
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Cash
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Grenades
  • Unlimited Med Kits

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