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Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is part 2 of the game of the same name, continuing the series of resounding successes that the previous version brought. Still the familiar adventure role-playing genre but with a new direction. Following the dramatic horror concept is an added spice to create an attractive point for this game. Of course, the plot still follows and continues the old part. Find out the mysteries and exits in an old game company. It takes a brave heart and an act of unyielding courage to survive. Move through many different alleys with countless various missions waiting for you ahead. Have the courage to find the solution for yourself.

The game’s predecessor received many positive reviews and attracted the online community. Thanks to that, the manufacturer has released a new version with many interesting functions. As a former employee of a toy factory. You need to set foot in each workshop segment to uncover different mysteries. The game’s unique plot is divided into chapters. This has a significant influence on the chain of tasks that the manufacturer gives. Stick to and understand the property to uncover the mysteries quickly. There is a toy monster here, and you need to escape it. It is necessary to be very flexible to avoid detection.

Survival in the horror factory
The challenge in part 2 is entirely new and unlike the old version. Instead of the challenges of the old part, you will have to deal with more complex tasks. Blue and red stretchy hands and super-speedy legs. You must quickly move through many turns and dungeons to escape from here. Everything was covered in creepy black and flickering lights. Besides the toy workshop, you can also explore the train station, the playground, and the strange rooms. In addition to finding out the mystery behind it, you also need to escape the hands of the mother doll. This doll targets you as prey and tries to eliminate you from this factory.

Evil creature
If part one is just the monster Huggy, then in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2, you will have to deal with Mommy Log Legs. This is a pink lotus toy girl with an appearance similar to a spider. This one moves mysteriously, sometimes hidden and now visible. You won’t find a way out. If you don’t pay close attention, you will be swallowed up anytime. In addition to this unruly mother doll, there are many new enemies. All are toy animals that are discarded at the workshop. They carry resentment and hatred that want to kill everyone who steps in here. A suffocating and thrilling journey every minute.

Character control
Compared to the operation in the previous version, nothing has changed much. Still a first-person perspective with hands that can be extended at will. You will know the character by the virtual keys on the screen. To pick up things on the screen, use Grabpack. The mechanism of action of these two hands is similar to a hook picking up objects with a green arrow and a blue hand. It can also open a shortcut or door. This is the crucial point that attracts players to Poppy Playtime Chapter 2. In addition to changing direction, you can also create some simple tricks. Although the game has no instructions, you can easily access the operations. 

Download Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Game – Continue the story of escaping from the mysterious toy monster
The unfinished story of the first part is continued right at Poppy Playtime Chapter 2. Everything still revolves around the neglected toy factory. Previously, this factory specialized in manufacturing products such as Huggy Wuggy or Cat Bee dolls. The toys this factory launched are very well received and attractive by children. One day the company suddenly went bankrupt, and all former workers disappeared for unknown reasons. You are one of the survivors after receiving the video about the disappearance of these workers. You decide to return to the workshop and find the answer. Unfortunately, you encounter a giant spider toy. You need to get rid of it. 


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  1. I played both part of this game and they were very mysterious hope we will get all the answers we want in upcoming chapter of this game.